Submission Headscissors Female Wrestling!

The headscissors is the favorite hold of all submission wrestling females! Once they get a man's head between their strong muscular thighs it's all over except the licking!

Headscissors Wrestling Hold

This female submission wrestling babe likes to put her opponant into a nude headscissors hold! Wow! Imagine being able to enjoy a night watching them!
sexy female Headscissors Wrestling Hold Pictures
Headscissors Wrestling Hold

Wrestling Submission Picture
Wrestling Submission

Wrestling Submission

Here submission means being face down in her crotch! When female wrestling babes win the match you know the loser is going to have to lick and smell something HOT AND STANKY!!

Wrestling Headscissors

Once they're in the ring there's no mercy for the loser. Submission is what she demands! Just think of the delicious erotic possibilities!!
Wrestling Headscissors Pictures
Wrestling Headscissors

The Wrestling Headscissors Hold Is So Hot!

"I can't wait to get a man in the ring and whip his proud ass. Once I've beaten him, I make him smell me hard in a headscissors hold! It's great feeling his hot breath on my crotch!!!" - Linda W. - Female Submission Wrestler

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